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Ethereum / Solidity Back End Developer (Click to expand)

Role: Ethereum / Solidity Back End Developer

Skill Set: Ethereum EVM, Solidity Programming Language for creating Smart Contracts, Mist, Geth, JSON-RPC, C or C++, Git or SVN

Job Description:

Skill-set(s) required for the position:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or computer engineering
  • Strong understanding of Algorithms, and data structures, and functional understanding of P2P business models / shared economy
  • Adept at writing BRD’s, FDD’s, TDD’s and/or Agile/Scrum/User Stories
  • 2-8 years professional experience as a software engineer
  • Knows Cryptography, Security, Bitcoin, MongoDB, Javascript.
  • Hands-on experience with implementing Digital Signature Algorithms.
  • Experienced developer who has hands on experience working with Solidity and can create advanced smart contracts for Ethereum
  • The right candidate needs to have extensive experience in Javascript and Solidity, (as a minimum, the more programming experience/knowledge you have the better), as well as having successfully launched smart contracts on EVM.
  • Designs robust security systems to prevent vulnerabilities
  • Has 2-5 years professional experience as a software engineer
  • Works with blockchain security technologies (beyond the world of fin-tech and crypto-currency)
  • Evaluates, analyses and targets weaknesses in cryptographic security systems and algorithms
  • We are looking for an Ethereum developer to join our team to assist with our ICO and beyond

Desired Skills

  • Cryptography protocols
  • AWS, Azure
  • NoSQL databases
  • Version control systems such as SVN/ Git
  • Previous involvement in ICO’s

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No current openings. Check back soon!
No current openings. Check back soon!