As an enterprise consultancy, Chainworks values high-quality infrastructure.  To suit the ever-growing demand for enterprise blockchain solutions, Chainworks has deployed a pilot POC on Multichain and will continue building on this wonderful platform.  Multichain provides a layer to integrate seamlessly into the Bitcoin Core Client and adds enterprise-friendly features such as streams.  Streams act as an independent, append-only collection of items with advanced permissions, and are at the core of Multichain‘s appeal to Chainworks as an enterprise consultancy.

2018 is the year of Enterprise Blockchain POC’s on the heels of 2017 being the year of ICO’s.  As one of the first independent Blockchain Advisory, Development and Corporate Blockchain Training firms, the Chainworks innovation lab is constantly vetting and experimenting with the growing number of permissioned Blockchain solution options for our customers.  Multichain not only offers enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, but also has great documentation, support, and leadership from founder Gideon Greenspan.  We are proud to say that after detailed research and development, Chainworks has deployed a POC built on top of Multichain for authenticity and verification of documents of any kind.  We are eager to showcase this and many more POCs using this promising technology. – Rohit Tandon, CEO, Chainworks

As the 2018 blockchain industry races forward, Chainworks is excited to announce this partnership and is ready to uncover the endless possibilities that Multichain enables our development team to explore.