RohitChief Executive Officer

Rohit has been on the bleeding edge of C-Suite Advisory around Blockchain, ICO’s, Data Management and Cloud Adoption. Throughout his career Rohit has enjoyed IT architecture work around contemporary IT technologies. He continues his passion as a hands on / certified architect in several of the emerging Blockchain Protocols since 2013, and growing and as a founder via Big Data / Cloud Analytics / RPA / Blockchain development. He is the Chief Blockchain Officer for and Blockchain Advisor at Thought.Live, and advisor to the CEO of Prior to founding Elevondata, he was Oracle’s global product strategist and also led its North American BI/Technology consulting practice.

He is a voluntary reviewer of University of Pittsburgh’s Ledger Academic Journal, and a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance where he actively participates on several working groups such as Insurance, Supply Chain and Healthcare.

Rohit holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from University of Arizona where he studied with full academic fellowship, and a Bachelor’s in Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. Rohit served on the Board for iControl, a leading payment processor for Retail industry.